4 day Illustration Workshop

Start to Finish. Start to Publish.


July 23–26, 2018 


In this contemporary illustration course with a concentration on the professional illustration market you will work with an Art Director and an illustrator from the publishing world. Main topics are: how to make your images speak, how to illustrate visual concepts, and how to get from idea to concept to final. This workshop is designed to help develop your professional aspirations while focusing on your illustration skills as well. You will be given a real assignment to illustrate for PLANSPONSOR and/or PLANADVISER magazines—of course, with possibility of getting published and paid. Then you will be taken through the steps of a professional illustration assignment from initial email, budgets, to signing contracts, then concept to preliminary drawing, and finally to a full-scale final.

Get the behind-the-scenes info on best practices for: How to contact and create a professional working relationship with an AD as well as everything from e-mail etiquette to invoicing tips.
The workshop will also include presentations by SooJin and Chris Buzelli (Art Direction and Illustration, AD pet peeves), discussions, and demo of Christophers oil painting/illustration process including technical information on pigments, palettes, mediums, and his unique quick-drying oil painting method.

Required material:
Please bring material for sketching (sketch book, paper, pencils, pens) and everything you need to make an illustration from start to finish (any medium you feel comfortable with, pens, ink, paint, digital, etc.). For one-on-one portfolio review, have samples of your work ready (can be viewed digitally).
Required skills:
No strict skill requirements, beginners as well as advanced participants are welcome. Intermediate English proficiency: The course will be conducted in English, and there may be some reading materials/discussions involved.

Maximum number of participants: 18
Age limits: none
Course language: English


EUR 600,00


A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, SOOJIN BUZELLI has art directed and designed award-winning publications since 1996. Her visionary design for PLANSPONSOR magazine has been followed by art direction of many of Strategic Insight products, including PLANADVISER and Chief Investment Officer. She has received recognition from many art and design organizations, including the Society of Illustrator, Society of Publication Designs, Art Directors Club Communication Arts, American Illustration, and Spectrum. SooJin also received the Richard Gangel Art Director Award, honoring art directors currently working in the field who have supported and advanced the art of illustration.


After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, CHRIS BUZELLI moved to New York City and started his career as an illustrator. His oil paintings have appeared in many national publications, books and projects for design firms and advertising agencies. His clients include Rolling Stone, The New York Times,, NPR, Playboy, Harpers, Scientific American, Entertainment Weekly, PLANSPONSOR, Newsweek, Abrams Books, Random House, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Sundance Film Festival, Macys, Sony, and many more. Currently he also shows his original paintings in various galleries throughout the US and teaches once a week at RISD and SVA.

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